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About Us

Welcome to The Shop πŸ‘‹

Things got started in early 2020 when COVID afforded us some extra time. As brothers, we'd always wanted to work on a few projects together so with some extra time on our hands, we got to work building The Shop Calendar.

Since the launch, we've thrown ourselves into the Shopify App Store and we've realized that opportunities are we decided to make a holding agency for all of the Shopify apps we build.

We're not too formal, but if we were to have a mission statement, it would be: To build apps for Shopify that do ☝ thing, and do that one thing really, really well.

Shoot us a message if you have any questions and thanks for checking us out! 😘

Luke & Sam


The Shop Calendar Reviews

"I have to admit, when I saw your app I was in disbelief. I've worked with every calendar app on Shopify extensively. The Shop Calendar fills a gap in the market!"

Gisele B - Gisele B Studios

"Adding your calendar to our site seems to be very helpful to our customers so far, enabling them to check the latest status of the items that they’ve pre-ordered without having to reach out to us and wait to hear back."

Dave Amcher - SPACELAB9

"The Shop Calendar was easy to install. My Social Media Manager likes the calendar's clarity and block size, makes it easy to input data."

Mariah's Gourmet Relish

"I was having trouble linking my external calendar - Luke not only gave me instructions on how to resolve the issue, he took it upon himself to upload and create my calendar. Then make minor tweaks, such as time zones and repeating events. Wonderful customer service and exactly what we were looking for in a calendar!"

Alisha Tarwater- The Columbia Institute

"I was testing this new calendar app not knowing how it would work with my site. Luke was amazing. He was super responsive and made changes on the app for my needs. I'd highly recommend this app to any store front. Amazing customer service!!!"

Carol - Paper Craft Conference

Who we are

Luke Duncan

Luke has worked in the technology industry since 2013. He specializes in software development but has experience in marketing, product management and customer support. He has worked at companies like CoderPad, Bazaarvoice, Ticketbud and more. If he's not coding, you'll find him playing with his son, in the gym or drinking chameleon vanilla cold brew.

Sam Duncan

Sam graduated from university with a degree in Computer Science in 2017. Since then he's worked at BigCommerce, Rooster Teeth and Ticketbud. Aside from code slinging, you’ll usually find him at a game shop with friends. Otherwise, he's at home having a freshly brewed cup of tea, video-gaming and chilling out in a Discord call.


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