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About Us

Welcome to The Shop 👋

Things got started in early 2020 when COVID afforded us some extra time. As brothers, we'd always wanted to work on a few projects together so with some extra time on our hands, we got to work building The Shop Calendar.

Since the launch, we've thrown ourselves into the Shopify App Store and we've realized that opportunities are we decided to make a holding agency for all of the Shopify apps we build. We've also been lucky that Amanda (Luke's wife and Sam's sister-in-law) has hopped onboard to help us with marketing and customer success.

We're not too formal, but if we were to have a mission statement, it would be: To build apps for Shopify that do ☝ thing, and do that one thing really, really well. Read more about our philosophies: here.

Shoot us a message if you have any questions and thanks for checking us out! 😘

Luke, Sam & Amanda


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