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💼 Our Business Philosophy

Below you'll find our business philosophies. Pretty much the jist is that our customers are everything and we'll do anything to make them happy. Check out our software development philosophies here.

  • The customer is king

    This one is obvious. If a customer wants something, do it. We're a small shop, so we can do things that other big companies and apps cannot. Make customers as happy as possible so we can keep their business, and hopefully get some word-of-mouth or ⭐ 5-star reviews.

  • One thing, and one thing only

    Our apps should do ☝️ one thing and do that one thing really well. While an app can have some minor features than run alongside of it, the apps must be dedicated to one cause. This makes things easier to develop, easier for the customer to understand the value prop and easier for us to take into the future.

  • Start low, end high

    We're relatively new, so we don't have much clout amongst the Shopify base. No big deal. But make sure we start our pricing low, offer amazing customer service, and as we get more and more reviews (hopefully 5-stars), we raise our prices 📈 when it feels right and we feel like we can.

  • Respond to customers within 3 hours

    Make our customers feel like their special. All good companies respond to their customers/potential users quickly and with solutions. We need to do the same. We can't always do this e.g. if we are sleeping lol - but 3️⃣ hours is a good principle to stand by.

  • Take every request

    We are not "better" or "above" any incoming inquiry or customer need. Stick to this value and we will succeed. Some people will look at this and say that it's impossible to cater to every customer. Well, you do you. And let us do us lol.

  • Don't do complicated

    Apps obviously cost money to run. Heroku is dirt cheap in the grand scheme of things. Don't do anything fancy 🙅 and set up custom stuff on AWS. Let other apps do the hard-work and heavy lifting for us. We should focus on business and our core application.